Greetings from the Garage!

Greetings from the Garage!

Hi, my name is Phil and I like to make stuff. Actually, I like to craft things. To understand the difference we must head back to my beginning.

I started life as a small human. (No, I don't know length and weight - I'm a guy.) Even as a kid I was fascinated with how things work. With each new toy, I would flip it over and locate all the screws to see how it was put together. I must have inherited this trait from my dad. Though not highly educated, he was one of those guys who could fix absolutely anything. (If he was still around, I bet he'd be a regular visitor in my shop.) Anyway, that curiosity found its way into my lifelong love of music (and led to many boxes of misplaced toy parts). From a young age I would write my own songs, but I didn't stop there. I would study popular tunes to see why some lyrics made people cry and certain melodies would get stuck in your head. Slowly, I learned the techniques of the trade and used them to hone or "craft" my songs.

Now jump forward many, many years and that same curiosity has found a home in my new hobby - woodworking. Through books, magazines, videos, woodworking buddies, and many of my own mistakes, I am constantly learning new techniques to make each project a little better than the last. I'm just getting started on this journey and can't wait to see what the future holds.

My shop is in my garage so everything is on wheels to tuck away when the cars need to come in. I'm slowly replacing my Craigslist or hand-me-down tools with quality machines that make life so much safer and easier. After a couple of mishaps, I still have most of my ten fingers and even have good feeling in 8 of them! (My wife keeps reminding me that I play the piano for a living and should probably keep my original allotment of digits.)

I love to create new designs, so I'm not big on building from someone else's plan. I'd rather look at my stack of wood and imagine what it could become. That's especially true when taking what others consider scrap wood and transforming it into something useful and beautiful.

So there you have it! Harmony Heartwood Designs is the record of my adventure in woodcrafting. Each piece is made by hand, by me, and no two are exactly alike. The best experiences in life are shared, so I am honored to share my creative expressions in wood with you. Even more, to have them decorate your home or the homes of those you love.

And no, that's not gray in my hair - it's sawdust.