1996: Began ministry, recorded "Faith, Hope & Love"
1997: Started "Sounds of Praise" radio show, recorded "Gospel Favorites Live", "Merry Christmas" and "Hold Me"
1998: Stopped radio program because of rapid growth of concert appearances
1999: Recorded "What Matters Most"
2000: June 4th - Accident that ended first phase of the ministry. Released "What Matters Most 2000 Live"
2001: August 25 - Returned to full time ministry. Recorded "Living Proof"
2002: Expansion of ministry through national TV, radio, newspaper and magazine features including KC Star Newspaper & others(Associated Press), Woman's World Magazine, "Purely Music" - SafeTV, and "Only a Miracle" - Discovery Health Network
2003: Released "Living Proof Video". Signed with New Day Christian Distributors for national retail product availability. Featured on Daywind Music Radio Compilation. Expanding Concert ministry plus appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "The 700 Club", "3ABN Presents", "In His Presence" and many others.
2004: "Experience The Miracle" tour with concerts across the US including Alaska. International Radio airplay - US, Europe, Australia. Television appearances on "Montel Williams", "Master's Music" and more.
2005: Recorded "Gotta Keep Walkin'" and launched 2 year concert tour. Nominated for 2 Diamond Awards. Television appearances on "Praise The Lord-TBN", "Paula White Today", "Life Today with James Robison"
2006: Released Phil's devotional book "The Inspiration Station" and continued touring. Featured guest on "Gospelfest Cruise" to the Cozumel and Beleize.
2007: Recorded Phil's solo piano album "This Gift I Bring". By popular demand, extended Gotta Keep Walking tour for third year. Pam hard at work on book of her miracle.
2008: Recorded "You Move Me" and launched "Real Life, Real Music" tour.
2009: Released Pam's book "I Stand" and began adding women's events and conferences to our concert schedule. Launched "You Move Me" tour.
2010: Kayla joins the group as a full time member with the recording of "Doing What They Do Best"
2011: Extensive touring and began "Morgan Family Christmas" annual holiday tour.
2012: Released "Puddles of Joy," the first book written by both Phil and Pam. Launched "Take a Stand" tour.
2013: Released first greatest hits compliation, "Favorites from the Early Years" and recorded "Tribute To America," produced by Kayla. Kayla starts college.
2014: Recorded "AMEN" and launched "," a bible study/concert experience about worship. Released first live concert DVD. Added Marriage Events to concert schedule. Received Lifetime Achievement award from KCCM.

The roots and events leading to our ministry go back many years, but it began officially in 1996 with the recording of our first project, "FAITH, HOPE & LOVE". Recorded in Kansas City, this collection of Phil's original songs reflected life lessons we had learned up to this point. We hit the road about one weekend a month spreading God's message with sincere hearts and a down-to-earth presentation. 1997 brought a much fuller concert schedule, a weekly radio program called "Sounds of Praise", and the release of two recordings, "GOSPEL FAVORITES LIVE" and "MERRY CHRISTMAS", plus the single, "HOLD ME". Pam went part-time at the insurance company January of 1998 as our schedule continued to pick up.

In April of 1999, God opened the door to record in Nashville. We worked with Mark Burchfield's studio to cut the instrumentation, and were led to Michael Sykes Productions to work with producer, David Ponder, on vocals. The result was "WHAT MATTERS MOST", a collection of Phil's songs focusing the listener on what God wants our priorities to be. We released 2 singles, "Under the Blood", and "God Chooses Who He Uses". In March of 2000, we took a leap of faith at God's calling, and Pam quit her insurance job to dedicate herself entirely to the ministry and family.

By this time, "WHAT MATTERS MOST" was receiving national airplay and the single, "God Chooses Who He Uses" was beginning to climb the charts. We were booked solid with 3 to 4 concerts every weekend in about a ten state area. It was exciting to see audiences moved and convicted in their faith by the strong scriptural content of our songs.

Phil started a weekly e-mail newsletter which gave ministry updates, tour schedules, and prayer concerns. We also included weekly devotions that God laid on our hearts from real life experience. Little did we know that what started as a tool to help others, would soon turn into a key source from which we received prayers and support after our life-changing accident June 4, 2000.

We were off the road for 15 months as God worked to restore Pam's body and stretch us both in our faith, trust, and commitment to Him and each other. Phil wrote these experiences into what became our next CD, "LIVING PROOF", recorded exactly one year after our devastating accident. The corresponding tour was a huge success.

In the years since our return to ministry, we've released eight CDs, two videos, and three books. Our concert tours have taken us from Alaska to the Caribbean and across much of the USA. God has expanded our outreach to include Women's and Marriage Conferences and a variety of teaching opportunities. Phil (along with some great co-writing buddies) translates our walk with the Lord into music that speaks God's truth in a very real, honest and down-to-earth way.

We continue to share powerful music and testimony that is reaching more people with God's message of hope, love, and faithfulness than ever before. Our journey has not been an easy one, but we rejoice that we can encourage others to press on through the valleys, trusting Jesus to guide them with His comforting hand.

We firmly believe, the best is yet to come!


Born: February 20, 1968
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Siblings: None
Favorite Hobby: Reading
Favorite Activity: Bicycling
Favorite Songwriter: Skip Ewing
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 27:1
Favorite Book: The Divine Romance
by Gene Edwards
Favorite Movie: That Thing You Do
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Vacation Spot: Estes Park, CO
Favorite Restaurant: Longhorn Steakhouse
Favorite Food: Chinese/Pizza
Favorite Color: Purple

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Phil is the only child of Christian parents. His dad passed away of lung cancer in 1993, but his mom still lives in the same home where Phil grew up. Loving music from a young age, Phil would sit in his backyard tire swing as early as age 5 to write songs. Country music was his favorite in those days, and he would often surprise passersby at the grocery store by announcing, "Hi, I'm Charley Pride!"

All through his youth Phil sang in choirs often chosen for solos. He took piano lessons for 5 years developing his God-given talent. With a sharp ear and thorough understanding of music theory, he learned several other instruments on his own. At the age of 15, Phil started performing his songs as well as other cover tunes he had arranged at local conventions, banquets, and meetings with Mom running sound. As a high school senior, the choir performed one of his original compositions at the annual Christmas concert. Pam happened to be in the audience which led to their first date.

After high school, Phil went to Nashville to record a few demos, including an original song or two. Returning home to Kansas City, Phil played piano and sang in several country bands until God drew him out of the nightclub scene after about 5 years and opened the door to play in opry shows around the area for another 5 years. God called him into full-time ministry in 1996 using his experiences, knowledge, humor, and talent to spread God's Good News.


Born: January 3, 1968
Hometown: Raytown, Missouri
Siblings: Denise, Sherry & Cynthia
Favorite Hobby: Scrapbooking
Favorite Activity: Shopping
Favorite Songwriter: Phil Morgan
Favorite Scripture: Matthew 6:33
Favorite Book: Secrets of the Vine
by Bruce Wilkinson
Favorite Movie:
While You Were Sleeping
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Vacation Spot: Estes Park, CO
Favorite Restaurant: Black-Eyed Pea
Favorite Food: Pot roast & mashed potatoes
Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Pam is the youngest of four girls in her family. Also born to Christian parents, she has lived in the Kansas City area all her life. Music has been a love of hers for as long as she can remember. As a child it was not uncommon to find her in the basement singing "Make The World Go Away" at the top of her lungs with Marie Osmond or dancing a little jig to "Put On A Happy Face."

During her youth, Pam sang in church and school choirs, but did not really discover her vocal talent until receiving a top score in a music contest solo her junior year of high school. Beginning her college career at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO as a music major, Pam quickly decided this was not meant to be, and changed her major to Communication/Public Relations. Phil says this is appropriate with her gift of gab!

Pam was blessed with a life free from tragedy until the passing of Phil's dad in 1993. Then it seemed God needed her to learn first-hand how to handle grief. Pam's oldest sister, Denise, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1994. After 3 difficult years, God called her home in 1997. Just 18 months later in March of 1999, Denise's only son, Jason, 21 years old, was killed in a car accident coming home from work. Then, of course, Pam's accident June 4, 2000, which almost claimed her own life, left her to face a brand new a quadriplegic. Although God has miraculously healed her to a great degree, she still faces physical challenges and emotional battles that continue to stretch her faith. She now uses the lessons God has and continues to teach her to comfort others and give people hope that God still works today.


Born: May 24, 1995



Born: August 19, 1998

We met as seniors in high school on November 29, 1985. We were both part of the Kansas City All-Metro High School Choir when Pam was introduced to Phil in a music store by one of Phil's friends after a performance. Pam had a date with this friend who didn't have a car, so Phil offered to drive them home. Seeing that Pam was a nice girl and knowing his friend had lots of other girls he was dating at the time, Phil gave her his business card and said to call if she ever needed to talk. It wasn't long until Pam made that call.

A couple of weeks later on December 15th, Pam had another date with this friend to his high school choir Christmas concert. Knowing she had been stood up, Phil gently broke the news that his friend ducked out the back door to meet another girl after the concert. Phil offered to buy her a soda at Fuddruckers as consolation. Being completely enamored with his musical ability she had just witnessed, and being lost in his blue eyes, Pam quickly agreed. In August of 1988, Phil wrote Pam a song, and on one knee began to sing, "Will you marry me?" Thus began our engagement.

Having both accepted our salvation at an early age, we attended church together, and occasionally sang together through the 5 years we dated. However on Easter morning, April 15, 1990, God called us both to make Him Lord of our lives. God wanted us to get serious about living for Him. We accepted the call and entrusted everything to Him from then on, including our music.

We were married on October 20, 1990, five months after Pam graduated from college. Phil worked as a manager of a music store while Pam secured a job in underwriting for a major insurance company. On May 24, 1995, our first child, Kayla Sue, was born. Two and a half years later, after our music ministry was beginning to grow, Pam discovered she was expecting a second child. On August 19, 1998, Alisha Raye was born into the Morgan fold. We now reside in Lee's Summit, Missouri when we are not traveling across the country spreading God's Word through song.